Client Experiences

Curious about starting coaching with Nicole…This is what some of her clients had to say

Lisa’s Experience:

Nicole is genuine and someone who is great at listening. She does an exceptional job at reflecting her client’s needs, wants and desires with emphasis on next actions. While very personable, Nicole is professional and values confidentiality in her role as an executive coach. Your time is well spent with Nicole to take your career (and life) to the next level. I highly recommend Nicole as an executive coach.

Jason’s Experience:

Coaching with Nicole has given me a more introspective look at my thought process and management style. I have learned skills to be a better judge of myself and my abilities to be a leader. Nicole helped me work on a major barrier I was raising up against my own success and satisfaction by leading me down the road to help me discover I was heaving blame on myself when things don’t go right and showing me my real strength is in solving the problems that come up. 

Melanie’s Experience:

Nicole is wonderful, warm, business-like with a great sense of humour. She has a talent for leading you to where you need to go without telling you how to get there. Nicole asks the right questions that allow you to find those light bulb moments. It was a very positive, motivational experience that I am very grateful for. I look forward to working with her again.

Matthew’s Experience:

As a new manager, Nicole helped me become much more comfortable as a people leader and gave me confidence in my abilities.  She also gave me great ways to engage with my staff and helped me become a better coach and mentor to my team.  Nicole is very honest and does not sugarcoat topics which is why the feedback was so valuable.  She unlocked concepts that have really changed my leadership approach.

Rhonda’s Experience:

Greatly appreciate Nicole’s confidentiality and warmth. She has excellent intuition and can make clients feel comfortable discussing all aspects, including vulnerabilities. Talking with Nicole has made me think more strategically about the work issues I face. I have become more reflective in my thinking and she has encouraged me to try new approaches. I have applied some new approaches and have had successful outcomes. Thank you, Nicole!

Trent’s Experience:

I experienced growth in controlling my reactions in stressful situations as well as awareness of where I want my career to grow.

Melissa’s Experience:

Nicole Rocks! It was very informative and provided a lot of internal insight as to who I am not only as a leader but as a person. Do it, it helps build your self-esteem, provides a skill-set that will help with your overall success and helps build your confidence.

William’s Experience:

Nicole is an inquisitive listener and will often ask questions that help you uncover barriers that are preventing you from moving forward that you were unaware of. You can get the most out of your session by having one or more clearly identified things you want to work on. Nicole is not afraid to dig deep if you’re willing to work hard on something.

Other Coaching Client Experiences:

Nicole is a great coach. Her life and education experience, personality and genuine commitment to moving you forward.

As a verbal processor, it has been very beneficial to discuss, review and plan an approach to various topics – that were outside of the organization. I found I was able to discover different avenues of exploring the situation.

The experience with Nicole is like talking to someone who wants what is best for you while asking questions that support your growth. I found my work with her to be helpful and a great addition to my leadership development. I find hands-on, day-to-day problem-solving or discussion/planning to be the most meaningful way to grow as a leader; Nicole provides that.

Nicole is an excellent listener and really offered new perspectives and insights.  As well, there were things I thought I was not good at, yet, she felt that actually, I was.  This was a big actualization for me. Coaching allowed me to hear different sides and perspectives to issues that many leaders face.  It is an opportunity to reflect on your leadership, where your strengths and weaknesses are and resolve issues that are impeding your productivity and/or leadership within your team.

I found this experience very rewarding.  I was unsure what a personal coach did, but was glad I found out.  Working with Nicole was like having someone on my side of life!!  Cheering me on, encouraging me, and helping pump up my ego!  Nicole also challenged me though, to critically think and encouraged me to ask myself tough questions. I was encouraged, learned to focus my thinking, and built my toolbox for the future. Nicole ensured it was very self-directed, ensuring my needs and wants for development were the focus.   And it was just a lot of fun!!