Working with a coach is having a confidential relationship with someone who believes that you can be the best possible version of yourself and that you are capable of achieving what you put your mind, energy and work toward. Coaching allows you to discover and decide for yourself what is going to work best for you. A good coach is a thought partner not someone who instructs you to do this or do that and walks away. Quality coaches ask a lot of questions, make observations, may share insights or analogies but we aren’t there to tell you what to do we are there to guide you do the decision that is best for you.

One on One Coaching

These coaching sessions can help build confidence, improve decision making and communication skills, develop stronger interpersonal skills, and help individuals to achieve their big goals.

Team Coaching

This is typically done through both individual and group discussions to help with group dynamics and group goal setting/achievement.

360 Narrative Feedback

These are done by interviewing individuals rather than just survey. The feedback is still kept anonymous but it is much more in depth and thorough. Final report and coaching sessions to set goals based on the feedback are part of the process.

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