Courses and Programs

Lead your Life Mastermind Program Fall 2022

This unique cohort style leadership program is designed to group together people with common ground whether it be an area of work (e.g. educators or health care workers), position (e.g. new leaders, established seasoned leaders), or time in life (e.g. new to the workforce, in a period of transition, new parents) to learn from each other and from the Lead your Life curriculum. 2022’s first mastermind will be 4 months in length (September-December) with group sessions once a month, individual coaching sessions once a month, an MBTI inventory & debrief and online learning modules. You will walk away from this program more confident in your ability to step into your leadership strengths and communicate with those around you in an effective and empowering way. You will learn how to get out of your own way and make faster decisions. You will gain the confidence to take action on areas you want to take action on.

Custom Leadership Training

We also offer custom leadership training to meet the needs of your organization. We develop a curriculum that is specific to the organization. For example, this training might include organizational values, vision, goals, and workplace practices/standards. Training of this kind can improve and even change workplace culture in a positive direction. 

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