We offer a variety of workshops for educational and team development purposes. Some workshops can be offered to individuals but most are ideal in team settings or group settings. All workshops can be offered online.

MBTI Facilitation

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an excellent tool for improving communication and team dynamics. This tool has been used in organizations around the world and it is highly recommended for teams of any size. It can be offered as an individual session if someone is curious about their MBTI type and just wants to explore this on their own.  

DISC Facilitation

This workshop focuses on the DISC Assessment that helps to measure the four primary behavioural tendencies and emotions. It can help to improve interpersonal communication both within a team and with customers. It can help improve self-awareness and leadership development.

Team Strengthening

We don’t like to call this workshop “team-building” because you have already built your team. What we can do is help you strengthen it. All teams go through ups and downs but getting clear on how each other works, learns, wants to be recognized/appreciated, and their feedback preferences is key to a strong, productive team.

Custom Leadership Training

We also offer custom leadership training to meet the needs of your organization or team. We develop a curriculum that is specific to the organization. For example, this training might include organizational values, vision, goals, and practices. Training of this kind can improve and even change workplace culture in a positive direction

Some Additional Workshop Topics

  • Working in Multi-Generational Workplaces
  • Finding Life-Work Balance
  • Stop Imposter Syndrome
  • Effective Interpersonal Communication
  • Purpose Planning & Goal Setting
  • Taking a Coach Approach in your Leadership

Bi-Monthly Workshops

New for 2022 we are launching bi-monthly workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to bring people together to discuss and learn from each other and increase community & support. They will be free or low-cost (less than $25.00 with a portion being donated to charity: Specifically children’s hospitals as they are close to our hearts).

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